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Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar

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Capital Hospital is a very famous hospital in Bhubaneshwar city for the general purpose medical treatments along with several other kind of medical departments. The hospital is located in the center area of the Bhubaneshwar city in state of Orissa for better connectivity to the transportation of all kinds thus allowing the patients to reach faster in cases of emergency. The hospital was established 18 years ago in year 1995 with the staff of 50 people, since then the hospital has progressed in very fine manner to achieve the name and prestige that it has today because of the quality services and expert doctors serving for the wellness of every patient with complete dedication.

Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar Official Website : http://capitalhospital.in/

Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar Contact Number :
Phone Number: : 0674 239 1983

Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar Contact Address Details:
Udyan Marg, Unit 6, Ganga Nagar
Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Phone Number: 0674-2391983
Email: info@capitalhospital.in

Along with the general medical facilities the hospital is also a well known center for various surgery operations, eye care department, and delivery facility and has ICU facility available for emergencies. The doctors in the hospital are experienced and experts in their respective field of medical science. The hospital is located in a very convenient location and is close to the railway station and is well connected by bus routes as well.

Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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