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CDN in India – cloud network servers in India

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cdn in india

CDN networks in India

Probably the first question should be what is CDN?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is simply a network of servers around the globe. A CDN’s sole purpose is to deliver content to the visitor in the fastest way possible. You can read more about CDN at Wikipedia

Distance is always the Key

As distance is a factor of web speed, sending data 10,000 Kilometers will always be slower than sending data 1000 Kms away. A CDN relieves this issue by delivering that data from the closest server, via geo-location.

This geo-location is based on a system called Anycast DNS, which allows website owners to have one domain, let’s say cdn.yourwebsite.com, point to the server closest to the user.

How about CDN servers in India?
Well I find these days lots of ppl searching for CDN networks in India. Well there are a few service providers who provide CDN Service in India like Tata, CDN77. Yes they have their network servers in India too.

Tata as on date is the only CDN provider in India in the name of Bitgravity here is the link

Next to Tata you can also go for CDN77

They have their network in Pune, India.
With DNS, we receive a request from your visitor to access your content. CDN automatically locates the nearest and fastest local CDN PoP and serves this content to the user.

But I am not really sure about the kind of service they provide. Other than this there are even chances that Amazon S3 is also planning to host a network in India. Lets hope for the best from them.

Preferably we can also select the CDN networks in Singapore, thats the closest one to India.

cdn77 in india

Here is the Price Structure of CDN77

Monthly traffic USA & EU Asia & Australia South America
under 30 TB $49/TB $125/TB $185/TB
31 TB – 100 TB $45/TB $120/TB $160/TB
101 TB – 400 TB $30/TB $100/TB $135/TB
401 TB – 1000 TB $25/TB $85/TB $110/TB
over 1001 TB $19/TB

Here is a Small Video by maxcdn on CDN

CDN in India - cloud network servers in India, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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