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Ozone Media review Ad Network adadyn – CPM/CPC/CPA

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Rating: 2.8/10 (4 votes cast)


Ozone Media presently adadyn one of the leading Ad Networks in India

Location – Bangalore
Type of Campaigns – CPC/CPM/CPA
Location – Bangalore
Payment Cycle – Net 90
Approval type – on Verification of Traffic Stats

Here is my review on Ozone Media ad network India.

Ozone media is presently known as Adadyn, so this review can be considered as a review for adadyn.com also.

My Past review – year 2011

1. Good now you guys are running CPM ads (slider ads) – Rs. 15 per CPM is real gud as far as Indian Ad Network is concerned.
2. CPM data is calculated on real time page views – quite impressive every bit of it is calculated properly with a very user friendly Report generation System
3. AD inventory is quite good appealing to the Visitors.

Now the Negetives.
1. Payment Cycles – Net 90 too much waiting for the First Time publishers
2. Bad payment Schedule (I really mean it – sometimes even the payments are pending for 2-3 months)
3. Support System Sucks – mostly they do not reply to emails and phone calls, and nothing is taken care properly


Here Goes the Latest Review on Ozone Media India- 2012

Positives of Ozone Media
1. CPM Ad sliders
2. Now the payment is happening in time, Thanks to Anjana for the same
3. Support system is Damn Good – Personally I am in touch with Amal/Anjana and I am never unhappy with their support.
4. AD inventory is quite good appealing to the Visitors.
5. CPC Ads are quite good and pays on an average of Rupees 3 per click.

 Negatives of Ozone Media
1. CPM Ad Sliders rates have fallen down to 10 rupees CPM – really bad
2. Report system really sucks, previously it used to be on zedo that was an awesome platform, now even the ads take much time to load. And even google page speeds says there are lots of redirects, I am not sure why you guys redirect it to multiple platforms???
3. Mobile users Views CPM is not calculated, but they can still see the ads (that’s really bad, you guys should stop displaying the sliders to mobile users if you do not pay for them to the publisher, its pretty annoying to the mobile users too.
4. My revenue has dropped to almost 2 times lower then what I was supposed to get, don’t know what exactly is the problem
Despite of all these problems I have stuck to Ozone media only because of the support, which they have developed a lot in these years, But I would really love to see them performing much better in all other spheres, like better CPM Rates, CPM Ad revenue for multiple mediums such as mobile, web etc etc…
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Ozone Media review Ad Network adadyn - CPM/CPC/CPA, 2.7 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

10 Responses to “Ozone Media review Ad Network adadyn – CPM/CPC/CPA”

  1. Afaq Moosa

    Ozonemedia is one unprofessional adnetwork. They contacted me and made me start do business with them. They said payment term is Net90 and I requested for Net60 payments as normally most of the adnetworks have a max period of Net45-60.
    I own a huge traffic gaining website. I started using their ads and gave a lot of impressions. Their cpm is sometimes good and sometimes too low. According to me, the other Indian based adnetwork companies pay very well than Ozonemedia.

    Problem is they never pay you and if you ask about the payments they hardly respond back. I got my first payment of Dec 2011 in the month of July 2012, second payment of Jan 2012 in the month of August 2012 and the last payment of Feb 2012 in the month of September 2012. After these I never received payments. I was replied to my email about payment saying I’ll be receiving payment for March 2012 but its 2 weeks now and they kept email on auto reply saying he is on holiday. There is no responsible person.

    I have to get paid from March 2012 to September 2012. This is so unprofessional and cheap to know about a company claiming to be one of the best adnetworks in India.

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  2. sekhar kamy

    What are the cpm and cpc rates for ozone campaigns?

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  3. jagriti

    Mr. Moosa,
    What are the other higher paying advertising companies? I am currently using adsense.

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  4. swagath

    I have been using Ozone Media since 2006 or so. So far I did get my payments although it takes several months and quite some reminders. /You get them only if you ask them/ The ad rates for publishers was good a few years back but now there is no value for traffic. It seems you need several thousands of visitors to get a nominal amount from Ozone. Right now, they are not showing real-time reports as well. Inspite of emails, chats etc they are not responding back/fixing the issue. There is no way I can know my day to day earnings from Ozone.

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  5. i am also looking for an adsense alternative from quite a long time , i thought ozone is good but hmmmm, very insightful article & helpful comments.

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  6. Afaq Moosa

    Hello Guys,

    Ozonemedia cleared my payments and I have resumed working with them again. Now they pay ASAP within NET20 or NET30. I recommend using Ozonemedia, they have changed their ad platform, advertisers, payment terms. I find them net and clean and for now one of the best in India

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  7. Sofia

    Adtomatik has been my predetermined ad network for a long time. Never tried anything better. Higher fill rates and the best ecpm.

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  8. Afaq Moosa

    I got my payment all cleared and resumed working with ozonemedia. They have changed their system, now the payment is perfectly fine and on time.

    Please disregard my above comment

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  9. Pop-Under Traffic Wanted. if anyone of you accept pop unders on website please join CPMoz

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  10. I am working with CPMoz adevertising network.
    They pay their publishers daily.

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