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Use Google Drive as a CDN for wordpress and website

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Google Drive as a CDN for your website and Blogs

Google Drive allows its users to get a free quota of 5GB of cloud hosting per ID, and if you want more out of it, they even have paid subscriptions which are as cheap as 2.5$ per month per 25 GB.
Here is the way how you can use Google Drive as a CDN for your website or WordPress Blog.

You can put any kind of files to host. But before using this service I will suggest you to read Google policies.

You can view the doc files, pdfs, can create presentation slideshows, can host css, dynamic images, flash or almost any thing

Why should you use Google Drive as a CDN?

1. Most of the websites are on Shared Hosts or VPS, where they are stuck up with lots of limitations
2. Google Servers would never be down and would be the best to host your static files
3. 5GB of free data is more then enough to host your css, images, javascript files
4. Google Drive is hosted on a cloud network, so your files get delivered to the user based on their location.

Here is how to use Google Drive as a CDN

  • Sign in to your Google account, if you do not yet have one (then you are just out of the internet world) go just create one
  • Now go to https://drive.google.com/start#home and and get your free 5 GB account.
  • Just like drop box, you have to install a synchronizing software by Google.
  • It will create a Google Drive folder on your hard disk.
  • Now whenever you transfer any files to that folder, it will automatically be synced / uploaded to Google drive’s cloud server.
  • Make sure that you create a new folder and upload all your files to that folder.

Now the default permission of your uploaded files goes to a private mode. So you need to make them public to make them available to anyone in the web with a link. So you need to make the folder “PUBLIC”

How to make a folder on google drive Public on web

Simple right click on the folder and then Click on Share > Share

Then you get a box something like this

google drive 1



Simply click on the “Change ” link beside to the private label.

Then you get a screenshot like this

change file visibility


Now click on “Public on the web” And save the settings

once you click on public, then your sharing status of the folder changes to public.

This way all the files inside your folder is Public on the web.

Now whats the direct link of your public file on the web hosted in google drive

Grab the Folder url of your file from the address bar (as I have narated earlier that you should upload t he files in a folder)

here is a screen shot of the Folder url – in my case I have created a Folder called “testfolder” and uploaded an image file “logo.png” and shared it in public mode.

So here is how you grab the public folder url

google drive 1

Now Copy your Folder address

google drive Public access url

Paste it after this url http://googledrive.com/host/

and then “/” and your “file name”

Lets say in the above screenshot my folder address out of the full url is 0B1w2EH8fp4RtV0ZIUU53RWM0aEk

and after that my file name is logo.png as narrated earlier

So collecting everything my public url is https://googledrive.com/host/0B1w2EH8fp4RtV0ZIUU53RWM0aEk/logo.png

So that is the way you get direct links to your files, now you can use these urls anywhere you like.






Use Google Drive as a CDN for wordpress and website, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

5 Responses to “Use Google Drive as a CDN for wordpress and website”

  1. It’s a great jugaad. But, won’t google be blocking the access if number of downloads exceed X number per day. Have you tried it out?

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  2. admin

    no they wont block as of now, because there is not such limitations

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  3. Very good solution i found after long term search. I have implemented in our website also.

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  4. Not working. I tried it is not getting displayed

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